10 Best Automatic Gate Openers

10 Best Automatic Gate Openers

What an awesome feeling, to just sit in a comfy manner in your car whilst the gate opens itself. The moment you’ll be getting out of the car just to open the gate seems a little bit of annoyance. And in an instance, in an emergency situation, the entire process could be horrendous. therefore, I thought it will be needful to bring forward a review of the best gate opener.

These electric and solar gate openers buying guides will explain in details the best 1o gate opener obtainable in the market, as handpicked by our team of experts. This will discuss the important features of each gate opener. These reviews are the result of hours of labor by our expert team. Hence, you can look forward to a sincere assessment of each gate opener.

Whatever the taste of gate you want to use, this automatic gate opener buying guide will definitely help you in choosing the best type of gate openers that will fit your needs. furthermore, remember, that poles should be deep in the soil since gate openers are making a tension to poles and could possibly pull them out. Also, it’s better to cover them with thick paint to prevent rusting.

Basically, electric or solar gate opener is a device that processes the opening and closing of gates or the garage doors automatically. There are several types of automatic gate openers that work successfully for various types of gates like the swing gates, the overhead doors, sliding gates, etc. The automatic gate opener sets the gate to open or close automatically via a radio transmission without any human assistance. The majority of automatic gates use an integrated security system with access controls have a slide mechanism.

The market is saturated with various types of gate openers. Keep in mind that the mode of operation of several automatic gate opener is most likely the same. All you have to do is use a remote or press a button. This will activate the small gate motors in the drive system to automatically put the system in operation. This opens or closes the gate, there is a feature as well that gate closes after some specific time. This feature is quite helpful as sometimes we tend to forget closing the gate.

In choosing for an automatic gate opening system, we recommend the one that can be operated remotely. This gives you the ease of closing or opening the gate from a distance. Apart from, you will not have to go out of your car to open or close the gate. With the auto-lock system, you will have a completely secured environment.

In this review, we have incorporated gate openers that are easy to install and do it by yourself and do not require welding or another specialized device to install them.

1. DUCATI of Italy Double swing Solar Eve HD900 500kgs

  • Double Solar
  • Ducati of Italy Model Eve HD900 made for heavy 500kgs and continual use
  • Great quality simple to install
  • Up to 5m gates
  • Plenty of accessories available

2. DUCATI of Italy Double swing electric Eve HD900 500kgs

  • Double electric 
  • Ducati of Italy Model Eve HD900 made for heavy 500kgs and continual use
  • Great quality simple to install
  • Up to 5m gates
  • 220v
  • plenty of accessories available

3. DUCATI solar slide gate kit 500kgs

  • Ducati of Ital quality product.
  • Solar powered slide gate kit with 4 meters of gear track

4. GSM (Global System for Mobile communication)

  • The GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch RTU5024 is a powerful GSM Relay, it is a very simple device which can be used for
  • authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipment, car parking systems. Actually the GSM Gate
  • Opener/Relay SwitchRTU5024 can be used in places which require to turn ON/OFF your system, machines, equipment
  • remotely with a FREE call from your mobile phone.
  • Just dial from Authorized User number at the specified time then the Barrier and doors are opened, or the machine is turned on
  • or off by the GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch. There are no call costs, the GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch rejects the call from
  • authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action.
  • Moreover, the user can be authorized at the specified time to operate it, after a timeout, will automatically change to unauthorized type.
  • The RTU5024 supports GPRS communication function, very suitable for remotely monitoring outdoor cabinets and stations of a telecom company, traffic origination, power supply company and so on. It can be authorized different repair person or maintains a person to
  • open the cabinets or stations at the specified time, saving time to get the keys for the locks and saving cost to repair or replace the
  • locks while the person lost the key. And also can remote monitoring the door is opened or closed, or illegal opened.


  • Ø Remote open/close swing/sliding gates, doors, shutters, garage doors, locks with a free call!
  • Ø Residential: Door,gate,garage access control, electronic fan,microwave,air-conditioner control.
  • Ø Industry: Remote switch equipment, for example, street lights, solar power, motor, inverter, PLC, pumps, fans, etc.
  • Ø Agriculture: Remote control pumps, etc.
  • Ø Business: Remote control electronic boxes,bright billboards,LED signs,etc.

5. Garage door opener for sectional door, large 1500n

  • Massive 1500N so stronger than most. even the Merlin is only 1000N.
  • Easy to install, all instructions in the kit
  • Comes with LED garage light,
  • chain/belt drive, kit included
  • soft start/stop,
  • two remotes,
  • 5-year motor warranty, not 2 years like most
  • This is a very well made unit, easy to install and stronger than most standard Merlan type units they install on new houses. so check the lifting power and the warranty before you buy...
  • GSM available for $149, (open with your phone)
  • Keypad or fingerprint access available also

6. Sliding gate motor: SOLAR DC24V 500kg

  • This is a Gatehouse 24v sliding gate motor up to 500kgs
  • 24v solar or battery
  • The working temperature of motor: -25 to +55 Celsius degree
  • Working humidity: ≤85%
  • Rated power: 90-350w
  • Output gear module: M=4
  • Output gear number: Z=16
  • Open(close) speed: v=12m/min
  • Maximum pull: 500kg

In the box:

  • 1 x Motor with built-in Control Panel
  • 2 x Remote Controls
  • 2 x Manual Override Keys
  • 1 x Motor mounting base plate
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x 20-watt solar panel
  • 1 x solar charge controller
  • 2 x 12V 9ah Gel batteries

7. Sliding gate motor: AC220V 600kgs Kit

  • This is a high-quality 220V AC sliding gate motor.
  • It can support up to 600kg, operating wirelessly or with a wired remote. engineered using the best in durable metal gears, this sliding gate motor is built to last. This motor boasts an integrated control panel and mechanical system (including the racks).
  • Safety features of this sliding gate motor include auto gate stop and adjustable resistance sensitivity, keeping everyone safe around your electric gate. When not in operation, the motor switches off, using no power. Manual override keys are provided should the power fail.
  • DIY installation is simple and instructions are included, but if you need an installer recommendation don't hesitate to get in touch. 

8. GateHouse double electric gate kit: 4.5 meters

  • The GateHouse heavy duty double electric gate kit is the answer when looking for high-quality electric driveway gates. The system has been tested over 48,000 cycles, so you know you're getting great durability. The kit contains all the instructions you need to self-install, and the hardware requires little ongoing maintenance.
  • This gate kit includes safety features such as Auto-stop in case anything gets in the way of operation, and soft-start and slow-stop for added safety.
  • The motor is a low 24V so can draw power from backup should mains fail. Should all power fail, there is a quick release key-operated system to get things moving. The copper worm gear ensures added durability and quiet operation.
  • so many elements are adjustable, such as the opening/closing time interval, the motor running time, and the force of the gate leaves

9. Ahouse double solar gate kit: Up to 4 meters/gate DT3+

  • The double solar gate kit from Ahouse has everything you need to set up a basic electric gate, all at a great price.
  • The Ahouse Patented system meets CE and IP66 standards for anti-crushing safety and is engineered to survive the harshest environments. This kit can be used with a single gate measuring from 0.8m to 5m, and opens can open either inward or outward.
  • The gate operates smoothly and silently with the fast operating speed. Full specification STGS inbuilt safety system that protects your motors, gates from mechanical stress. The backup battery is compatible with if the power goes off.
  • It operates at 24V reducing your installation costs. Additionally, Universal mounting brackets are included making it easier to fit the components to your existing fence. For easy DIY installation, included is a handy instruction booklet, or you can follow along online with their instructional video.

10. Ahouse double electric gate kit: Up to 4 meters/gate DT3+

  • This electric double solar gate kit from Ahouse has everything you need to operate a single gate up between 0.8 and 5m in width. Powered by 220V, the smooth and silent operating is powered by the fastest screw drive gate motor available.
  • The IP66 rated Motors-built to withstand the harshest environments, with an STGS inbuilt safety system that protects your motors, gates from mechanical stress. There is also a built-in electrical overload protector and adjustable current limiting, so lighter gates such as aluminum will not be overstressed.
  • DIY installation is easy with the instructional manual, online video, and universal mounting brackets.
  • The many inbuilt safety features, such as the automatic stop if an object is detected, comes as standard for all Ahouse gate kits.
  • The stylish remotes match the striking stainless steel look of the whole, and with a 12-month manufacturers warranty, your driveway will be the envy of the street.
  • Looking for some accessories? The Ahouse electric solar gate can connect with additional devices such as ground loops, keypads, safety beams, intercoms, and locks.

In deciding to get an automatic gate opener, there are things you need to determine like the weight, dimension, and type of your gate. This will help contemporize your choice to something within your budget. Thanks to advance in technology, most gates are pretty easy to install hence, you need not pay extra.

We hope you make the right decision on getting the most appropriate gate openers that suit your need with this best gate opener buying guide that we have.

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