The benefits of going wireless keypad, exit button,

The benefits of going wireless keypad, exit button,

Did you know that our gatehouse range of kits have wireless accessories?. Yes they do... I hate running wires , digging trenches, cutting concrete etc just because the customer wants a keypad. I decided ages ago that I want almost everything to be wireless so I don't have to work too hard and dig up someones driveway. Gatehouse security has a glass front wireless keypad, powered by 4 AA batteries.. If you buy gold top batteries, they will last a couple of years so no issue there and if you need to change the batteries the code remains, so easy and simple. The learn code for single gate is 1111# and the learn code for 2 gates is 2222# easy...

How about wireless exit buttons, we have a selection available. so check out our site. They are powered by a single battery just like a remote control.  Actually, the control board inside the exit button is the same as a remote so easy to learn, just like a remote and they have the same range as a remote. 

If you need a wireless keypad or exit button for your existing gate kit we can help..You can buy the keypad or exit button with a universal receiver that connects to your control board and all good to go. Just look on our website for the keypad with the receiver kit.    cheers Graeme

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