About Us

About Gate House Security

Being 100% Australian owned, and offering up to 4 years warranty on our innovative gate kits, you can buy with confidence from Gate House Security. As leaders in the electric gate industry, Gate House Security design and manufacture electric gate kits that are a cut above the competition - just look for the GateHouse brand.

About GateHouse

Gate House Security also has its own bespoke line of electric gate products called GateHouse. These products are the answer when looking for an electric gate that is superior in strength and reliability. By combining the best from all gate kits on the market, the GateHouse kit and accessory line offers a massive 4-year warranty on all internal mechanical components.

GateHouse is available in single and double, so can be used for a wide variety of gate sizes and weights. It also can be powered by solar and electric, and integrates with Wi-Fi so there's no need to dig up the driveway to install, and you can operate your gate using GSM smartphone technology. Whatever your electric gate needs we have it covered.

The range offers both swing and sliding gates, along with tilta and roller garage doors, meaning you can have access to your home, workshop and storage areas with one easy click..

About Ahouse

As the Australian agents for Ahouse automatic gate kits, Gate House Security gives you access to autogate products backed up by years of engineering and innovation. With an electric gate product range spanning everything from electric gate openers, solar gate openers, swing gate motors, gate intercom systems and DIY swing gate kits, this range has all the basics covered. Most gate hardware also integrates with Wi-Fi technology, so there's no need to dig up your existing driveway to install the gate. With CE/IP Approval and unique patents for Ahouse series products, your electric gate is in good hands. Gate House Security stock the Ahouse range and all the spare parts you could ever need, keeping your electric driveway gates in tip top shape.

About Graeme

Graeme is the brains behind Gate House Security. With a background in electronics, he knows the common problems and pitfalls that befall electric gates. Looking to find solutions, Graeme is constantly innovating so that Gate House Security always offers the best in autogate technology and reliability. Graeme put together the GateHouse kit based on his years of experience, so when you buy from Gatehouse, you're buying an Australian design that is 100% Australian owned.

Graeme is passionate about keeping your home secure. He's a licensed security agent for installation and maintenance advice when it comes to keeping your property safe, and a name you can trust. Graeme has cleared a police safety check, so you know your project is always in safe hands.

Graeme is passionate about new technologies and gadgets, constantly innovating to bring to market the latest advancements in autogate tech. From fingerprint scanning to intercom systems that integrate with GSM smartphone technology, or a security camera system that operates wirelessly over a 5km range, your electric gate can be as techy as you are.

Gatehouse Security is, you’ll find, very different.

First, we have a real purpose to help you feel safe and secure with innovative, high quality gate solutions that work with the latest in smartphone technology, gate and door intercom security systems.

Second, we extend that impact by making sure that everything we do gives back in quite surprising ways. Thanks to our lifetime partnership with B1G1.com