GateHouse Heavy Duty Electric Sliding Gate Kit

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These are Gatehouse 220v mains sliding gate motors

These are good and reliable quality 220-240v electric slide motors for left or right side operation. Terminals for gate or drive LED's available on the control boards. as are 24v AC terminals for external receiver or similar, and this can be converted to 24v DC if required.

Wiring for photo beam, and wired or wireless exit button on control board,  Up to 20 remote controls without an external receiver added, Variable sensitivity control knob for safety, Auto close function on or off and timer, 

Accessories are , wireless button, wireless keypad, Mobile phone GSM, Video Intercom,

  • Output gear module: M=4
  • Output gear number: Z=16
  • Open(close) speed: v=12m/min
  • Maximum pull: 850kg
  • Max Pull 1100N
  • 4 year motor warranty
  • 6-8m gate is easy


In the box:

  • 1 x Motor with built in Control Panel 
  • 2 x Remote Controls
  • 2 x Manual Override Keys 
  • 1 x Motor mounting base plate
  • 4m Gear rack, extra available at $35 per meter
  • Gate slide brackets for stop start positions