What Gate Kit Do I need For Best Reliability And Performance

What Gate Kit Do I need For Best Reliability And Performance

Gatehouse Security has your back. We listen to you and your concerns, We solve your problems, and we supply the best and latest technological products on the market.. and we love automatic gates..

What type of gates & which kit do you need?

There are all types of gates, from pipe frame mesh farm gates to large steel swinging gates, and everything in-between.  People often ask about the pipe style farm gates , can they install a single swing solar system to their gate. The answer is yes. The pipe frame is small and round but our brackets will work in any situation. The gate post should not be more than 150mm if round or square. If they are, the post brackets need modifying to suit. The gate should be level when closed and level when open to work properly. Our Gatehouse swing motors will push to open or pull to open up to a healthy 4.5m so all good there. The motors are strong enough, but they work in combination with the right electronic controller to set up as you need. Gatehouse has the kit you need. 

I don't have power at the gate do we have solar?

Power is not an issue. Most people don't have power at the gate, but if you do, use it.  If not then solar is the way to go.  Did you know that the control board and electronics is the same for electric or solar.  The electric kit has a built in transformer for connecting to mains power and the solar kit has two batteries built in with a solar charge controller, everything else is the same.

With the solar they are limited to the amount of open and closes per sunny day depending on the size of the batteries. Standard built in batteries are good for up to 6 open/closes per day without any issues. Or you can fit larger batteries.


Single or Double swing motors..

A single gate is fine up to around 4.5m in length, but that really depends on the style. If it is a standard farm style gate then easy, but if it is a very heavy gate, the stall and speed setting will need to be increased a little to help with the weight.   Another style is the tall square gate covered in colorbond. In other words a giant sail.. These can be an issue in some windy situations. 

Should you install a single gate setup or double gate set up?   Over 4.5m in length you should use a double gate setup, plus they do look better when opening from both sides. The only issue to consider is that you will need a cable across the drive to the other side for double gate.  

What brand of gate kit should I use?

That is an easy answer. Gatehouse Security has it's own brand designed and assembled in Australia called Gatehouse. We designed them, we manufacture them, we assemble them and we supply everything for commercial or DIY installation.  We have you covered..


Gate Kit Examples 

Typically Australian Standard Farm Gate - Yes this can be automated with solar!

Recommended Kit: Single Solar Swing Kit

5 Types of Farm Gates and How to Choose the Perfect One?

Cheers Graeme


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