How To Connect Any Remote To Any Automatic Gate or Garage Door

How To Connect Any Remote To Any Automatic Gate or Garage Door

Can I use my gate remote to open the garage door.

The answer is no and yes. All remotes are different, they all use a different code depending on the brand of the controller. I know a lot of people buy an extra remote because they look the same, but that is not the way they work. Every brand uses a different code. Why?  Well if all remotes were the same, then you could open up someone else's gate or garage door, and they open yours.  

But all remotes are on the frequency 433mhz right 

Yes they all work on the same frequency that is common on all gate and garage door systems, but every control board uses a different special code as well and only matching remotes to that code will work. So if you need a spare remote, then you need the same code that is why you buy spare remotes from the same supplier. 

Can I buy a universal remote from Mister minite at my local shopping center. 

Yes sometimes you can, but you will need to take a working remote with you so they can try and copy the code. They also have a sheet of codes used for some common garage doors but gates can be different and they won't usually have the codes for them, there are too many brands and gate manufacturers and they don't like to give their code out. 

So what is a rolling code and why.

Some electric gates on the market offer extra security by changing the code for each use. These types of gates use a remote called a rolling code remote, and these remotes cannot be copied by anyone because they always change after each use. This is done for added security, and good quality systems often use this system.

What is the normal range of a remote for gate or garage.

Normal range is around 30-50m line of site. That means nothing in between that could stop the signal. But I have had farmers tell me they can get up to 100m in wide open spaces by holding the remote button longer and aiming the remote at the gate. 

Can I buy a long range remote for my gate.

Yes we have long range remotes available for all our gate kits, The range is usually around 150m line of site. We also have a long range remote kit that will work on any brand of gate or garage door by installing a simple universal receiver on the control board that will allow the long range remote to work on your system. 

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