How Much Are Automatic Gates

How Much Are Automatic Gates

How much do automatic gates really cost?

There many answers to this question, but it get's back to what do you have, and what do you need.. Do you need a single gate system, do you need a double gate system, do you need a single solar system, or do you need a double solar system, or do you need a sliding gate system. That is where we start. To be honest if your retailer does not ask lots of questions on what you have and what do you want your gate system to do for you, then he is just a sales person.

At Gatehouse, we begin with who you are, introduce ourselves to you and then we have a conversation about what you are wanting to achieve. Then we talk about options.

So what is the real cost in time and money

Well that can vary from super cheap to super expensive, so lets talk about it. Yes you can just buy a cheap kit on ebay for a single solar say $699.  But what are you getting, what is the warranty, where is the support?. Now not all $699 kits are bad or cheap. It could be just a very basic kit without any extras so you need to add extra remotes, keypads etc etc. The kit could be fine, but maybe it only has a 12month warranty , or maybe you can't contact them on the phone for support at all. It could be a single solar for $999 with all the accessories as a package deal, but check the warranty, what is the warranty, like get a ticket and wait for them to return your email, how does that help you when you are out in the sun trying to get your new system to work..Some of them say, send the stuff back and we will check it. who needs that..

What about expensive imported products from Italy or South Africa etc?

People say or are told by their hairdresser, always buy the best from Italy, pay the money and never have a problem for ever..  Actually not true. I also sell Italian and they can and do have issues like everything else. The biggest issue is that in Italy they do not sell solar kits locally, only electric,  motors and kits,  but in Australia , 50% of kits sold are solar. So we have different requirements here. And they don't understand our gates are large 4.3m wide hanging on a round wooden post. In Italy, they usually use two gates about 2m each and power is at the gate.  Their motors have plastic fittings and covers which are not all good in the Australia sun, They can be complicated to program, and in some cased the electronics is not very good at all. Not up to date with the latest technology.  And service, from my experience, very bad.  Yes the warranties are good, but try and get something fixed.  or they won't help because you are not paying them to install.

So what is the best value for money?


To be honest the best retailers don't do much on ebay and amazon, We sometimes put up a few kits to let people know they are there, and ebay will not allow you to contact us directly by phone, but if you are thinking of spending good money on a gate kit you really want to talk to a real person. The best retailers use a good website and make it easy to deal directly with their customers, on the phone or email. That is good business. and that is what we specialise in. That is what you expect. We call it service.  Cheers Graeme

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