Are Your Solar Gate Batteries letting You Down? Why Not Go Lithium

Are Your Solar Gate Batteries letting You Down? Why Not Go Lithium

Who Hates Flat Gate Batteries when it is cold, or wet, or dark and you have to get the kids to school..

. I Do,,,,We get so many calls about solar powered gate opening systems slow, or ok during the day when the sun is out, but dead first thing in the morning. So frustrating, and I start getting calls in Perth very early in the morning,   not happy Jan..So if you have a standard solar gate system then you probably have two 12v 9ah batteries in series to get your 24v then you have a cheap solar charge controller (what they come with to keep the price down). to regulate the output from the solar panel to match your 24v battery system. This is a standard system.  But the solar regulator units sometimes fail, (they are quite cheap and really no internal protection), and you are using two gel batteries or two lead acid sealed batteries so basically just a very very small car battery that has a limited life. You forget how long the batteries have been in that little box so you forget to replace them every couple of years.. Then they don't hold charge so on a cold wet morning you find yourself in a little bit of trouble with the kids or the wife...

So maybe you need to get with the times and put in a lithium system with a proper solar charge controller, (as used in all RV's)  that keeps your batteries happy, fully charged, and will not fail, and last 5-10 years.. 

check out here....

And you can even check your batteries anytime on your phone using an app.

An Easy Thing You Can Do Yourself,  cheers Graeme

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