How Can You Open Your Gate Without A Remote Or Keypad.

Open your gate or garage with a proximity transmitter in your car.

  • Did you know that we have a simple device that goes into the cigarette lighter adapter or the USB in your car, so when you get within 20m of the gate or garage door the gate or door will open automatically. Amazing but it works.. The only thing you need to think about is you need to be more than 20m away when you park your car on the other side or it won't close.  Unless you turn the car off so cutting the power to the USB, then all good, but as soon as you start the car, the gate or garage door will be triggered and open. This only happens if you park close as I said. And with this little device it does not make any difference if you are driving in or out, it works both ways, Here is a link to this magic little device,  and by the way, it comes with 3 USB's in the kit so 3 cars. How cool is that.

Open your gate by driving through an invisible infrared beam.

  • Yes maybe you know that with a sliding gate you usually use an infrared beam across the gate and if there is a car in the way when closing, it will know the car is there and stop closing until the car is gone. Well did you know you can use this same beam to open a gate as well. If you install the beam forward or behind the gate, it can be wired differently so that it triggers to open the gate. The only ussue is though, anybody could walk into the beam or drive into the beam and the gate will open. Now very good for security, accept if it is on the inside of the gate then no issues, but just remember, even a dog or a cow can break the beam and the gate will open. Here is a link to the reflector type infrared beam kit and the double sided infrared kit. Use your imagination with this idea and have some fun.

Open your gate with an underground detector loop.

  • Not so common but this setup is used a lot on large gateways where trucks come and go all the time. The way it works is there is a metal detector device buried in the ground and when a metal vehicle like a car, truck, tractor, bike etc drives over the area, it triggers the gate to open. This is much more work to install than the other devices  but it works well and not effected by people or animals or heavy trucks. Here is a link to this one, well worth using in country areas.

I hope this has got you thinking now, lots of fun and great to show off to your friends,... Cheers Graeme

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