Are All 433mhz Remotes The Same, Will They Work On My Gate

Are All 433mhz Remotes The Same, Will They Work On My Gate

NO No NO, This is one of the most asked questions I get. I get emails saying they have bought some 433mhz on ebay, They look exactly the same but none of them will work. And yesterday I had a customer who bought a wireless exit button from my site and he emailed me saying it won't work on his automatic gate system so it must be faulty. . Wireless keypads are the same.  So lets go back to basics and have a look... 

Anything wireless on 433mhz frequency , being remotes, long range remotes, Wireless exit buttons, wireless keypads ... all the same, yes they are on the 433Mhz automatic gate frequency but the key thing is that all automatic gate remotes and all garage door remotes have a special code specific to that brand.., that is different for every brand of automatic gate or garage door. 

Just imagine if all remotes had the same code, we could go around and copy a remote from another remote and open any gate or garage door. in the world. So automatic gate makers create a unique code, just for their brand and to complicate it even more,  some manufacturers create rolling codes like our Gatehouse ones to make it even harder for people to copy a code. Rolling codes change every time you use them and they are very hard to copy. It is all about security and who wants their car to be stolen from the garage. 

Having said this, there is another way of using another remote, you need to have a universal wireless receiver wired into your control board of your automatic gate control board or your garage control board and the universal receiver will accept another remote code,  actually most codes but not all. Some high end garage door controllers don't like to be able to do this, so you must buy their remotes. 

So there you go, Buy the correct remotes for your brand and you won't have a problem...cheers Graeme

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