How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

An electromagnetic lock or (maglock) is a locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate and is considered to be one of the most secure and extremely reliable locks for your property. They are easy and quick to install. 

There are two main types of electric locking devices

  • fail-safe – fail-safe locking devices are unlocked when de-energized. A "fail-safe" magnetic lock requires power to remain locked and typically is not suitable for high-security applications because it can be disabled by breaking the power supply. Hence, adding a magnetic bond sensor to the lock and using a power supply with a battery backup capability, applications can be implemented.
  • fail-secure - A fail-secure locking device remains locked when power is lost.

Basically, the electromagnet portion of the lock is a door frame attached while a mating armature plate is a door attached. These two components are in contact when the door is closed.

Electromagnetic locks are well suited for emergency use exit doors that have fire safety applications since they have no parts that are moving hence it is less likely to fail compared to other locks like electric strikes.  

Comparing the strength of the recent magnetic locks to the conventional door locks is way better. Also, it cost less to operate. Since electromagnetic locks don’t interact with levers or doorknobs on a door, basically there is a separate release button that should be mounted near the door to cuts the lock power. And this button has a timer, when pressed, keeping the lock unlocked for either 15 or 30 seconds.

What is a magnetic lock?

A magnetic door lock is a locking device that uses electromagnetism to control the entire locking mechanism. It has an electric current to produce the magnetic force. Due to the increased strength, the doors can withstand pressure, so they cannot be forced open without using the confirmed access method. It consists of an electromagnet force great enough to stop doors from being opened so ideal for security.

How does a magnetic lock work?

Magnetic locks hold gates closed or locked together with very strong magnets force. The only way they can be released is by cutting the power to the magnetic lock. They are suitable for all electric swing gates but not suitable for solar gates.  Advantages are, no moving parts to get stuck or jam up, nothing to break.

Magnetic locks require power to remain locked, this allows them to be fail-safe, making electromagnetic door locks safe for emergency exits use.

Uses of a magnetic lock

Big hotels, commercial buildings, and residential blocks use electromagnetic locks most often because is it reliable, quick and easy to install and most importantly it is secure.

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