What is the GSM Gate Opener

What is the GSM Gate Opener

GSM gate opener features remote on/off switch by authorized phone-free calls, which can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit, very convenient.

How do GSM Works

Customers are able to connect the most basic gate opener system to their existing electric gate system. The GSM Gate Opener has a memory to hold the stored number. Therefore, when the customer calls their gate opener system, the calling number will be recognized. There are no call charges. The GSM Relay Switch answers the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring'. And then it will open the gates subsequently. Other functions include keeping the gate open and pedestrian gate access. Furthermore, on using caller-ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored thus maintaining the security of your premises. There is no need to provide a remote control or keys for different users.

The compatibility of the GSM Gate Opener can be with any new or existing gate automation systems. There is an app for Gate opener, you can download it to your smartphone. It adds an icon that when pressed the gate will open, or can be a simple telephone call (or text message) will have the same effect. The call is completely no charge. Any call from an authorized user's number is automatically recognized by the GSM Gate Opener and it triggers to open the gate. The GSM Gate Opener requires 12 volts DC power and comes with plastic housing. The unit takes up to 512 phone number users.

If there is no outgoing communication, all pay as you go Sim cards are disconnected after 3 months, however, the GSM Opener will send a text message every 28 days to make sure the Sim stays active. This text message will be charged at your standard network rate normally around $1, this means if you apply $5 of credit to the Sim card it should last approximately 7 and a half years.

About Installation and Programming

GSM Gate Openers is easy to install and program and does not always require an installer. However, if you are having difficulties with the process you can contact us anytime for assistance. We will be happy and will be available to guide you through the entire process.

This is the following guides that are easy to follow

  1. A) Wiring the RTU5024 Gate opener with your door locks or other machines.
    B) Insert SIM card to RTU5024 Gate Opener, Power up.
    C) Send a few SMS commands to RTU5024 Gate opener, to assign the authorized user list.
    D) Make a phone call from the authorized user's phone number, RTU5024 Gate Opener reject a phone call and door open or close.
    For example, If you are using the RTU5024 GSM gate opener for open/close your garage door by
    your family members, what you need is just 2~5 SMS commands only.

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