Gatehouse gate security camera either WiFi or mobile network

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Hi, We sell a lot of automatic gate kits and we know how important security is these days so we have put together this amazing camera kit either powered by solar or hard wired into your gate controller.

It has two major functions,
If it is in range of your home WiFi and has good signal strength then it will connect to that.
If WiFi is not an option, then insert a Simcard and connect to the mobile phone network and see your gate from anywhere in the world.


  • Standby mode, so very low power needed.
  • Wake up if detects movement in range,
  • Day & night vision,
  • TIF card can be used to record video or sound,
  • Hi-resolution 720P images in very low up to high light levels,
  • 3.3mm Lens for wide view angle of 120 degrees,
  • 15 meters night vision,
  • You can access live video stream or recorded footage from anywhere, anytime, using mobile IOS or Android apps.
  • Waterproof
  • 20watt solar panel and solar charge controller
  • 12v9Ah gel battery,

$699 for solar or cheaper for a hard wired option
If mobile network needed it will need a GSM transmitter for $149

Ring me on 08 95711936 if you have any questions