3G/4G Indoor/outdoor WiFi GSM Security Camera

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Keep an eye on people and places you care about with the JH007 4G security camera. Stay connected with your home by receiving clip alerts on your mobile devices when motion is detected, and talk directly with your loved ones with the simultaneous 2-way audio. The camera also comes with the night vision and PIR sensor.

Recording to TF card, 

  •  4G + Wi-Fi

Access live video stream or recorded footage with amazing speed and efficiency.

  •    HD video

Watch it all in crystal clear, high-definition 720p video that captures every detail.

  •    Motion Detection

You will receive motion notification through the Tycam app when unexpected motion is detected.

  •    Two-way audio

Push-to-talk capability, so you can listen in and talk back.

  •    Night vision with IR
Enhanced night vision capability lets you see clearly even in the dark.

  •    Instant Alerts
Receive instant app push notifications, SMS alerts and phone calling when motion events are detected.