24v 10Ah lithium battery for automatic gate systems

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Why use a lithium battery on your gate

They last longer. Lead-acid batteries can last 500-1000 cycles in optimal conditions, but in real world use, 100-300 cycles is a lot more typical. Lithium-iron batteries will go 2000 cycles no problem, and can go up to 5000 when treated right. In other words, you’ll go through several lead-acids in the time it takes to wear out one lithium-iron – meaning lithium-iron batteries truly do pay for themselves.

They hold a charge better. Lithium-iron batteries have a remarkably low self-discharge rate, losing only about 10% of their charge a year. Compare that to lead-acids, which lose about 1% of their charge a day.

They crank harder and longer. Lead acid batteries are considered “dead” at between 50-70% charge – once they hit that mark, they’re useless. Lithium-iron batteries discharge full power until they are completely discharged, so they give fast, powerful cranks right up until they’re dead.

They are much safer. Not only will they not catch fire, but the “dry cell” construction of lithium-iron batteries eliminates the use of poisonous lead and harmful sulfuric acid. They can be mounted in any direction, and will never leak acid.

Much better warranties. Most lithium-iron batteries have impressive warranties, with 3 years being the norm. Most lead-acid batteries have shorter warranties of a year or less.

I have had these made, they are 24v 10Ah, 240wh.

The built in controller is designed for the max power for automatic gate systems, not suitable for bikes because the built in controller is not set for this.

Size is 170 x 61 x 75mm