Why do I hate sliding gates so much?

Actually I don't, It's just that it stops me sleeping at night, thinking of new ways to improve what I have. How to offer a better system, how to add more accessories, how to make them more reliable, how can I help my customers more..

Not many people know, but I am an electronics product designer by trade. Actually I did my time designing and installing sound systems in venues like opera houses including servicing hammond organs for bands like INXS and recording bands on reel to reel tape then cutting records on one of the few cutting machines that existed at the time. I did my apprenticeship 40 odd years ago and later in life I found my self getting back into the industry through gate automation. All things electrical is what I love the most, that is why I am always trying to find ways to improve what I have. Always evolving, I love it..

So tell me what you have and what can I help you with. 

What accessories have you seen that you would like on your system,

Drop me a line, tell me what is not working, tell me what you need, what you would like to add, what you would like it to do.. cheers Graeme


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