Can I Open my Sliding Gate with My Phone

Can I Open my Sliding Gate with My Phone

The answer is yes. You can open your sliding gate, swing gate, garage door, chicken house etc with your phone using an app. The unit is called GSM which stands for Global System for Mobile communication. This little unit can be set up with your gate control board so that it is also connected to the mobile phone system from anywhere in the world by using the app on your phone or by calling the phone number that belongs to the sim card . Yes it does have a sim card, but not a costly one. We always say buy a telstra sim, and usually from Aldi or similar called a starter pack about $5. This allows you to connect to the network just like a phone but there are no ongoing monthly cost like your phone has, because you are not using any data. 

The way it works, using the app on your phone, sending an sms or calling the phone number triggers the sim card in the unit, but then immediately rejects it as not being a phone.  But at the same time of doing this, the GSM controller switches on and activates your sliding gate motor or swing motor etc. It all happens by default just by calling it. 

Just remember if your gate is not set for auto close, then it will stay open until you send another sms to close it. This is why it is handy to have a camera set up on your gate so you can see what people are doing and if the gate has closed again. If it is set for auto close, then all good, but if you let someone in and there is no way for them to activate the gate to get out again, you have a problem. Most people have an exit button on the inside so they can get out but this also causes security issues. Someone could jump the fence or gate, push the exit button and open the gate. There are a few ways around this though. 

I mentioned the gate camera to your phone,, this will only work if your house WiFi is at your gate, or you would need a sim card camera to connect to your phone but then you need to be on a plan because it is a video card so lots of data.

Getting back to the sim card for your GSM, it will expire at 12 months unless you pay some money onto it at the 12monts. Usually $15 or so would do it for another year.

These GSM units are $199 and are 4g and 5g. There are heaps of cheap ones on ebay but they are 3g so they will be switched off soon, just check they are the latest 4/5g models...If you have any questions, please contact me. Cheers Graeme

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