Can you have battery backup with my sliding gate....Yes you can

Can you have battery backup with my sliding gate....Yes you can

You may have an existing sliding gate or maybe thinking of getting one made to suit your gateway, but people worry about power failure and what happens then. As you maybe know, all sliding gates have a manual unlock key, but.... where is it??? or  oh, I am on the outside so I can't get my hand through the gate to do it anyway. Panic, stress, frustration.... What should you do ?... Battery backup is the answer.  

Not all sliding gate motors have facility for battery backup. You need to check your motor before you decide. It is in the manual , but if you don't have the manual, search on google your make installation manual. They are all online.

Some slide motors are 12v but most are 24v. Usually there is not enough room in the motor case to install batteries, so you need an external battery box...

If the control board is set up for backup batteries, then there will also be a built in trickle charger on the controller, so when the power is on there is a trickle charge going to the backup batteries so if for what ever reason the power goes out, the controller automatically switches across to the batteries and you won't even know it has happened. When the power comes back on, the controller switches back and you would never know. 

The battery box could be installed 20 meters away, it is not important, and all you need is two core 1.5mm cable between the battery box and the sliding motor. 

We only use good quality batteries for a longer life. We use 12volt 9Ah 20 hour batteries with a weight of 2.6kg minimum. Did you know that the battery quality is determined by the weight? batteries of say 2.5kgs are cheap and they will not last much more than a year or so.  Always pay good money when you buy an acid battery, A better battery has more lead in it so it weighs more. 

So if you need any help here, please just ask me...cheers Graeme

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