Should You Need Locks on Your Electric Gates

Should You Need Locks on Your Electric Gates

A fence around the perimeter of your property provides curb appeal and privacy but the main purpose of your security fence is supposed to keep your entire property safe from potential threats and burglars.

One very critical item in protecting your property from burglary, other than an alarm system is having a durable gate lock. That simply means, it is always worth spending the time and money to ensure the security fence entry points are closed and locked at all times

Here's why you need locks on your gates.

To Keep Burglars Out

Anyone can walk into the backyard unnoticed. A fence around your home serve as a useful deterrent to burglars, but one of the easiest ways’ burglars get into a house is from an unlocked gate. If the gate is easy to open, anyone can simply open it and gain access to your yard and then they can get into your home, by breaking a window or patio door. Burglar prefers to break into your home through a side or back window or door, rather than the front. When you install a gate lock, you are taking a big step toward securing your entire property from burglars. Reduce the chances of this happening by finding a gate lock that’s strong enough to lock your gates closed

To Keep Your Children and Pets In

When your children are playing in your backyard with a security fence, you don't have to worry about their safety. However, mischievous children might be thinking of opening the gate and sneaking out into the neighborhood. A proper gate lock can prevent this from happening. Part of the reason you installed your fence is also to prevent your dog from roaming the neighborhood! Investing in a quality locking system is the best option.

To Protect Against Liability

Another great reason to have a locked gate is for liability reasons. Keep outsiders from sneaking into your pool for there are untoward accidents and other yard hazards that could potentially injure someone, this causes liability issues. You may still be liable for any accidents that happen on your property, whether you are aware of the incident or not.

To Meet Insurance Requirements

Other homeowner’s insurance may require you to install a sturdy security lock, especially if you own any structures that have the potential to cause significant injury, such as a backyard pool. This will keep your policy coverage intact and your premiums down when complying with your insurance company’s instructions on the proper locking system for your situation.

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