Automatic Electric Gate Maintenance and Servicing Guide

Automatic Electric Gate Maintenance and Servicing Guide

How often should the Automatic Electric gate be serviced?

Ideally, the best time automatic electric gates should be serviced is at least once a year. Of course, if you notice that your gate is not working well like the way it should be, then this is a sign that attention is necessary to fix before anything gets worse.

What does an Automatic Electric gate service include?

The service requirements for an Automatic electric gate will depend on the model, make, design and any obvious breakdown, but any service must always include:

  • Safety checks including - Photo-cellular beams, open-close stops, loop detectors, safety barriers, etc.
  • The Motor/s - (hydraulic or mechanical), pressure, brake, clutch, force, manual operation, drive sprocket, motor brackets, end piston & oil seals.
  • Gate hardware - wheels, hinges, bolts & fixings, gate tracks, locks, guide rollers, gear rack & lubrication.
  • Electronic Controls - wiring, terminal connections, control settings, control box condition
  • Access control - Pushbuttons, remotes, free exit loops, security open commands.

Why should the Automatic Electric gate be serviced regularly?

There are a lot of important reasons why should Automatic gate has to be serviced regularly. Regular servicing helps extends the life of any mechanical and electronic components, this will put you in a worry-free situation for the ongoing reliability while maintaining the security of your home and entire property. Automatic Gates that don’t have regular servicing are more likely to breakdown thus owners have to pay more than necessary amounts for repairs.

How long should I expect Automatic Gate to Last?

Automatic Electric Gates's life varies greatly according to model, make, Installation location, environment, and use thus regular servicing, repair, and cleaning are necessary to extend the life of an Automatic Gate. Apart from any other factors, a regular Preventative Maintenance service by a gate installer will help in ensuring the longevity of your Electric Automatic Gates life.

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