Should I Choose a Swing Gate or a Sliding Gate?

Should I Choose a Swing Gate or a Sliding Gate?

Both automatic sliding gates and swing gates do the same job. The one that is right for you will depend on your property, the conditions and your aesthetic preferences. 

Automatic sliding gates

The main advantages of sliding gates are:

• They aren’t affected by wind
• They don’t take up space on your driveway when opening and closing
• The gate can slide from the left or the right, depending on where you have space
• If you don’t have the space required, there are other types of sliding gates, such as telescopic sliding gates or bi-parting sliding gates, that take up less space.

You might not be able to have a single sliding gate if: 

• You do not have the available space required to the left or right of your driveway (width of the gate + 30cm).

A sliding gate could be more suitable than a swing gate if:

• Your driveway slopes upward from the road, so you wouldn’t be able to install inward opening swing gates without serious landscaping.
• You have a small driveway and need to park your car within the gate, or not much room to maneuver into it.
• Your property is prone to strong winds.
• Your gate is very wide.
• If your driveway is uneven it may be unsuitable for a swing gate track, so a cantilevered sliding gate could be the answer.

Swing gate openers

The types of swing gates can be broken down into two types, single and double. 

The advantages of double swing gates:

• A double swing gate takes up less area when in operation
• They are less affected by wind
• As the weight is distributed between two gates, there is less stress on the swing gate motor, posts, and hinges. 

The advantages of single swing gates:

• There are only one gate and one set of hardware to automate it, so you’re up for less installation and maintenance (assuming you purchase quality parts, as the load on all parts will be greater).

General swing gate fitting information:

• With swing gates, there are two options as to where to install the hinge. You can install the swing gate opener on the sides of your posts parallel to each other facing inwards, or on the side that faces into your property. If you do the latter, the fixings are hidden by the posts and the swing gates take up less space. 
• If your driveway slopes up from the road and there’s no room for a sliding gate, you can install a swing gate that opens outward. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with public spaces.

These are the basic pros and cons of both swing and sliding gates. GateHouse Security offers GateHouse kits that are suitable for both swing and sliding gates, so you’re in the right place. Browse the GateHouse range here.

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