10 Reasons To Buy Automatic Gates For Your Property

10 Reasons To Buy Automatic Gates For Your Property

1. Affordable

Once upon a time, automatic gates were the show stopper for wealthy households and businesses across the land. Now they are very affordable to purchase as a gate kit, and installation can often be completed yourself or by a handy neighbour. 

2. Property value

Because autogates are associated with luxury, they add value to your property. For a small investment, the initial impression of your home is sure to wow any prospective buyers.

3. Convenience

You’ll never have to do the car-gate shuffle, or be caught out in the rain again. Stay in your car, open the gate and drive all the way to your door without ever reaching to open the car door.

4. Insurance

Unless you’re going to employ a team of snipers, attack dogs and a laser maze, having automatic gates is as secure as the average driveway can be. Your insurance company may offer a discount when you let them know you’ve installed an autogate.

5. Safety features

Non-automatic gates are like nectar for kids to swing on, often causing accidents. Our gates come with auto stop as standard, so if anything gets in the way the gate will stop moving. They also come with soft-start and slow-stop lowering the risk of trapping little fingers.

6. Keep the kids and pets in

Keeps the kids and pets safely on the right side of the gate. Know that all your loved ones are safety on your property as little fingers can’t just climb up and undo the gate.

7. And the rest out!

If you live in a rural area local wildlife can be an issue, and in suburbia other kids and dogs can wander onto your patch. Fitting an automatic gate means you know everything and everyone is where they should be.

8. Privacy

If you want privacy, opt for a solid gate design so no prying eyes can peek in. These gate designs are often heavier, so having an electric gate opener that can take the load is ideal.

9. Security

It’s well documented that visible security features often deter intruders. Electric gates are heavy and hard to open without the help of the gate motor, so any intruder would have problems getting in and out if hoping to get away with your valuables.

10. Getting techy

Finally, having an electronic gate is cool. You can add heaps of accessories, such as keypad entry, intercoms, and security cameras. Even better, using our GSM smartphone technology, you can complete all functions to do with your gate on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

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