Install slide gate motor properly

Install slide gate motor properly

Setting up a Solar slide or an Electric slide motor, installing the gear rack and the limit switches is very important. First read the instructions about which side the motor is wired for. What I mean by that is, standing on the inside of the gate, some motors have the motor wired for the motor to be on the right side of the gate. If you want to install the motor on the left, then the two motor wires need to be swapped over and sometimes a switch position needs to be changed on the control board. If the motor is factory wired to be on the right side of the gate and you install it on the left side and you don't change the motor switching, the gate will be trying to close when you are wanting it to open. Take special note of this before you try it.

Next the gear rack must be installed correctly on the gate. I have seen too many installations where the gear rack is screwed down too tight onto the motor drive gear. There needs to be a gap between the gear rack and the drive gear otherwise any change in the sliding track will or could jamb up the motor by pressing down the weight of the gate on to the motor. Set this up correctly and you won't have any issues....

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