How does battery backup work on my electric gate?

How does battery backup work on my electric gate?
If you live in a rural area of Australia, then you will know how frustrating it can be to arrive home on a rainy night and the gate won't open.. Then you panic...who has the manual unlock key, who is getting out in the rain to do it...Yes, I live in a rural area of Perth and even though are power is under ground, the power still goes out on some rainy nights. Usually someone car skids in the rain, and hits a power pole 10klms away..So battery backup is the answer. Most gate kits on the market have this facility, but all GateHouse Gate Kits have this.  On our GateHouse Solar Gate Kits, you can install two 12v 9ah batteries inside the control box. When the power is up and running and working as it is, then the system will trickle charge the batteries all the time to keep them fully charged. When the mains power drops out, the controller automatically switches across to battery power, then when the power comes back on, the controller switches back to full power. As you can see, nothing to do, nothing to worry about.. We also have long time lithium 12v or 24v batteries in stock. Usually the two acid batteries would last around 2-3 years, just like a car battery..where the lithium has a life around 5-8 years.. Another tip, keep your manual unlock key inside the controller box so you know where it is, and so does your family. Another tip, don't buy cheap batteries. Did you know that the quality of an acid battery is found by the weight of the battery. A good 12v 9ah battery would weigh around 2.6kgs and cost around $49. or you could buy a cheap battery online can cost $29 but the weight is only 2.2kgs, also some acid batteries don't like to be laying down in the control box where some batteries are fine to lay down. Just ask the supplier. or ask me anytime if you need help. cheers Graeme

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