How to Decide What Size of Slide Gate Kit to Buy

How to Decide What Size of Slide Gate Kit to Buy

Before buying a slide gate motor, there are things to consider. First, decide if you want an electric model if you have power close by or a solar system. Always look for a slide motor that has higher specs than what you think you need. Always allow a bit of extra power for starting, or the gate not sliding as good as it did years earlier. Next look for a good warranty. 12months is common on the market but a good operator or supplier will offer at least a 4-year warranty if he believes in his product.  A 1-year warranty is not very long and things can happen and you will need go for a good company and make sure you are able to contact them easily by phone if you need to.  A lot of online sellers don't allow phone contact, only emails.

For example, sliding gates are heavy so the motor size is important to be reliable, slide motors are sold by what size and weight gate are suited to them.

You can get 600kg motors right up to 5000kg motors for commercial sliding yard gates. Most are electric but if you want solar powered the battery system is very important because it takes longer to open or lose a slide gate and this is an enormous drain on a battery system, larger battery storage is needed for larger gates.

Here are examples of slide gate motors depending on the size and weight of the gate.




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