Ahouse Gate motor kits. Good or bad, they are Chinese

Ahouse Gate motor kits. Good or bad, they are Chinese

I have seen a lot of mainly bad wraps on Ahouse electric gate kits and installs. We at Gatehouse security in Perth are an independant agent for Ahouse. I have been selling parts and kits for over 10 years now and I often talk to the engineer at Ahouse... I also carry a huge range of spares should you need them. so we know what issues are there, but to be honest, Ahouse em3 has been around for many years and a lot have been sold in Australia. Basically they are quite a good unit for the price. I have customers that have looked after them and they are now over 10 years old. Control boards can and do play up (no different to any other brand), they are electronics and things do happen. The motors are reliable providing they are not pushed to the weight limit. A good idea is a spray silicon grease on the stainless shaft every now and then. That is the case for any gate motor not just Ahouse. The only weakness is the nylon gear on the end of the motor, it wares when the motor is under stress.

The plastic case does not go well in direct sun, they go a burnt grey colour which is not good, but that is the Australian sun for you.Most of the issues we get are bad installs, even electricians do them, so make sure the motors are fitted at the correct angle to the gate, the gate is level when open and level when closed...Don't use tek screws, use nuts and bolts and nylock nuts. I can tell you after years of installs and repairs, screws come out, bolts come undone,. so rather that have to go back, I bolt everything, Stainless if I can and always nylock nuts on my bolts..The bolts on the galv brackets move over time , so after my installs I drill an extra hole right through the 3 brackets and hammer a round spring pin hard into the hole. That is the best thing I have found. Nothing moves them. Actually while I talking about this, when I  do a new install, I use a good quality spray can of clear enamel  on everything, brackets , screws, everything but the motors. It is amazing how long they stay looking good and no rust.. The only other issue with Ahouse is the warranty. Only 1 year. I think they should do better, but when fitted well and used with the correct weight gates they are fine and they will last for years...cheers .Graeme

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