Which Gate motors are better, Italian, Chinese, South African, Australian

Which Gate motors are better, Italian, Chinese, South African, Australian
I get asked this all the time, or people come to me and say they would never buy Chinese rubbish. Sorry misinformation. I agree Italian are good but they use plastic in their motor housings and they are not good in Australian sun. Their control boards break down just like any other brand, Moisture, water, lightening etc or component failure, oh yes, they use Chinese components on their boards. South African are ok but no parts or backup service. Australian use Chinese boards and motors in ugly boxes or housings, and the replacement parts are super expensive, so that leaves Chinese. First of all, you get what you pay for in China. Did you know your top of the line iphone, ipad etc is Chinese component made. You can get a cheap Chinese brand gate kit on ebay with no backup service or advise, or you could get a top quality Chinese kit from a good importer that offers phone communication, backup service, and great warranties.  One other thing, Italians and mainly Chinese don't care about warranties on their products. It has been said to me in the past "why are Australians so obsessed with warranties" I have engineers in China that when asked, are happy to put a 5 year replacement warranty on their motors, but they don't think it is important. The other issue with China manufacturing, is all their factories are controlled by the government. Their government will not allow returns or replacements under warranty. I had issues year ago where I spend $20k on a stock item only to find that they don't suit our power regulations, they will not accept them back or offer a refund. They are not allowed. They make it up by adding extra at no cost providing you reorder the same product.. That is how they work and you have to make sure no mistakes are made.. So my point is, it does not matter which brand from which country, they all use Chinese components on their boards, and sometimes off the shelf Chinese motors. A really good Chinese is just as good and half the price, but the real difference is service, backup service, installation help on the phone etc, that is the most important thing you need. So only buy from an Australian business that has been around for a while and you can call them and to talk to a real person with tech experience. Another important thing is if the seller asks questions about your situation, it shows they care and want to do the right thing by you. If they just want to sell and not ask or talk to you, walk away.. cheers Graeme

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