Swing Gates


 Automated Swing Gate Installation for Driveway 

The Gatehouse Security is offering engineered solutions for electric swing gates with the necessary calculations and standard that put more emphasis on safety. Our every product comprises of necessary mechanical modules. We use efficient galvanised steel cover for elegance and strength. While increasing efficiency, we are adapting new technological advancements to stay ahead of the competition. 

Why Choose Our Swing Gate? 

We supply and install a range of electric swing gates those have electronically controlled opening and closing mechanisms, activation and communication equipment for commercial and domestic applications. 

Our dedicated staff and engineers work effortlessly to make sure that all swing gates are fixed well and installed with more precision. 

We work with you to design the right solution that will suit your environment, budget and legal compliances. With the warranty, and easy to set up features- we maintain simplicity as well as safety that our clients mainly wants. 

Requirements for Installing Double Swing Gates: 

Electric swing gates make a great statement to your home. They are a stylish add-on to your home while protecting your people and property. 

The swinging gates swing inward. So, sufficient space is required to ensure the proper functionality of a double swing gate. 

Double swinging gates accommodate the entrances up to 10 meters. Both can be opened from your home or vehicle.

Swinging gates open with a rotation around the fulcrum just like an ordinary door. 

To choose the ideal automated gate system, you have to know the dimensions, approximate weight of the gate panel or leaf, and sturdiness of the post.

Usually, the automation uses 230V and 24Vdc that causes alimentation, and it ensures the safe functioning of the driveway or walkway. 

It’s possible to choose among the wide range of motorisations based on the dimensions and weight of the leaf gate. And, we make the automation smooth with the compact, sturdy and articulated arms of the gates.


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