Sliding Gates


Automated, Compact and Easy to Set Sliding Gates

Want your car parked and accessed with an ample amount of space? Call Gatehouse security to install automatic sliding gates or electric gates. Such gates are great at reducing space that is needed to access the driveway in an efficient way. 

Why Should You Opt for a Sliding Gate?

Our automatic sliding gates are used for vehicle access as well as pedestrian access. Here are a few benefits you can get from our sliding gate range.

Quicker Access: With a simple latch system, automatic gates are more secure than the traditional gates. Even, such gates are great for the home those are located on the busy roads. And, this is how sliding gates can provide you quicker get in and out of the driveway. Moreover, it also enhances the overall look as well as the value of your home. 

Great for Uneven Ground: With automatic gates, we make a great driveway, even when you have uneven ground. Whereas experts suggest not to use hinged gates, automatic sliding gates can be the best replacement you could think of installing.

Easy to Access Sliding Frame: Instead of using the swing arc, the automatic sliding gate simply slides across the access point of the driveaway. It doesn’t make them connect directly to the posts, but configured into a slide frame. 

Sliding Gate Accessories: When supplying and installing automated electric sliding gates, we offer necessary accessories, including remote control, battery backup, safety beams and keypads. Moreover, there will be a full kit of latest accessories like Wi-Fi, GSM and wireless communication. We offer Australia-wide sales and service. 

While considering the look of your home and the surrounding area, we keep in mind that local regulations make sure our installation work meets all the requirements. We make sure our product will seamlessly blend with the style of your home. 

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