Have You Checked The Inside Of Your Gate Controller Box Lately

Have You Checked The Inside Of Your Gate Controller Box Lately


This is quite common. A small snail has walked across the back of the control board and as you know , snails make or leave behind a liquid slime. If the gate is not being used, well maybe no issue, and then the slime dries ... but if you operate the remote when the slime is still wet, it is very easy to short out a control board.  

How did the snail get in? Have you checked your control box lately?  maybe you should. It only takes one small snail to destroy the board and that does not come under warranty and may cost you $200 to buy a new one, then you have to know how to reprogram everything all over again. 

People often talk or ask about maintaining the automatic gate, and this is one of the issues we see more than grease and oiling and cleaning the gate arm.  Even if the gate is operating perfectly, it only takes one little snail with a little slime and you come home on a wet dark night and puff, the board has blown..

Be safe and have a look, it costs nothing to check...cheers Graeme

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