Winter Is Coming, Are You Prepared? Check Your Batteries.

Winter Is Coming, Are You Prepared? Check Your Batteries.

So today we will talk about solar powered swing and slide gate openers and what happens in winter.

Yes the rain has come. This is the time when solar kits start to have trouble because of a few days without sun, or rain falls for a few days in a row.  Will your solar kit stand up to this?. Are you ready, How old are your batteries, Is the solar panel big enough to get enough charge for the hour or two when the sun shines.

Most solar gate kits run a 24v system so that is two 12v batteries in series and these are usually Gel or lead acid 12v 9ah batteries. Do you know how old your batteries are, or how long they generally last? Well these batteries should be replaced every two to three years, but most people forget about that until winter comes and they get stuck in the rain with flat batteries. It is good to write on your batteries with a felt pen so you know, and if you see your gate opener starting to slow down a little, just change the batteries. It is time. 

  • Is your solar panel working to full power?

Did you know that the solar panel on your gate that is used to charge your batteries is the same as the panels on your house.  They need cleaning. I know from my 5 acre block with a long driveway, this creates dust every time a car goes up or down my drive for six months of the year and this dust settles on my solar panel, and I forget about it until winter comes ..and I wonder why my batteries are low.

  • How many open/closes per day is normal for the batteries that come with my gate kit?

The standard rule of thumb is 5 to 6 open / close cycles per day on the standard batteries. But as the batteries get older this gets harder and harder to do. so you might find that the last few people that come home after work at the end of the day, find that the gate is opening slower.  So keep an eye on your batteries and if in doubt, change them.

  • Can I add bigger batteries to last longer during winter?

Yes, this is a good idea if you live in a rainy area or you don't get enough sun for long enough to keep your batteries topped up. We at Gatehouse security have a winter battery pack that will last for a month or more without or very little sun, and you can still use your standard solar panel, or to be sure, add another solar panel. 


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