What happens in a fire when the fire service needs entry

What happens in a fire when the fire service needs entry
I am writing this today because we are in a fire situation where there is an out of control bush fire where we live. It has been burning for two days, and because the wind keeps changing, so does the fire. They have two water bomber planes, 3 helicopters, 200 fire trucks and hundreds of fire fighters and volunteers.  Last night we were told to run, so what do we do with the gate?  They might need to get on the property to fight the front of the fire. Luckily we don't have any stock on our land. My wife left midnight last night with all the dogs.  The only thing you can do is leave the gate fully open, and leave. No one is going to rob your place during a fire. They usually block off the roads anyhow. The fire fighters just need to do their job and get out, they are not there to rob you.  Over the years I have seen too many farm gates rammed by the fire trucks to gain entry. so they are going to get in one way or another..Save the damage , keep your gate wide open and trust.

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