How about opening your gate or garage door just by driving up to it.

How about opening your gate or garage door just by driving up to it.

Yes this is another new product from Gatehouse security. It will work on any swing gate kit, it will work on any sliding gate kit, it will also work on any automatic garage door. 

This is how it works... In your car you have a small USB plugged into cig lighter or similar, and that USB is programmed to a universal receiver that is installed in your automatic swing gate kit, Sliding gate kit or garage door kit. The instructions are easy and I am always here to help if you get stuck.

When you drive towards your gate or garage door, 10-20m away, it will trigger the control board and open it. It's as easy as that. 

If your gate or door is set for auto close then it will shut after you, but if not set for auto close, you will need to push a button to close it. Most garage doors have a button inside and many swing gates or sliding gates have a button on a pole as well.

It will work with any brand of gate or garage door controller.

This is very helpful for farmers that have many any auto gate systems, they can just drive from paddock to paddock and the gates will open and close for them just by driving up to them.

Here is a link to more helpful information

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