Have you tried a long range remote for your swing or slide kit?

Have you tried a long range remote for your swing or slide kit?
Most standard remotes have a range of 30-40m, and sometimes that is just not enough. We have a new model long range remote that can work up to 500m or more if line of site. We have a Gatehouse security model that has the right code for any gatehouse swing or solar slide kits.. $99 , or I can supply the same remote with a universal receiver so that it can be used on any brand of swing or slide gate kit. The cost all up is $130.. There is some basic wiring to do for the receiver but I can help you with that if you are unsure. It is basically two wires for power 12-24volts needed, and another two wires as a trigger, so these would connect to the same terminals as a push button or similar..The remotes have a 9v battery, so years of use without changing..Some people put a velcro strip on the back and stick the remote on the wall by their front door. If you have any questions, please call me on 08 95711936 or contact me through my website

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