Can I install a wireless keypad on my existing gate

Can I install a wireless keypad on my existing gate
Yes you can. All gate systems have their own remote codes so usually if your existing system does not have a wireless keypad then you can get stuck, but there is a way around that. We can supply a universal wireless keypad kit that can be installed on any slide or swing gate control board. The kit is made up of a universal receiver that is installed in your slide motor box or onto your swing gate control board. Then any of our wireless keypads can be cloned to that receiver, so that is how we do it. It works fine and usually with a range of 30-50m. It does not matter if your system is 12v or 24v, the receiver will operate with either of these voltages. Our wireless keypads have built in batteries and they need to be replaced every year to two years. We recommend you get the best quality batteries available to get a long life and save any leakage long term. If you need any help to set this up, just ask me online or 08 95711936...regards Graeme

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