Solar Panel Farms, And What A Bad Idea For Efficiency

Solar Panel Farms, And What A Bad Idea For Efficiency

Why not, what is wrong with solar panels on a farm and bad science.

  • So today I want to share something that I think is important. Solar farms are destroying farm land and taking up good grazing land that should be used for sheep and cattle for our food not covered by a solid mass. We have been told to install as many as we can to get the highest output, that is why they are installed on an angle between 20-35 degrees to get the maximum rays for the longest time. So why do I say I don't agree with it all.  Well it is science that when a solar panel is in full sun for a period of time, the panel heats up and the efficiency of the panel drops by up to 25%.  It is only when the panel cools down that full efficiency is returned. The same goes for cold. If a solar panel is in an area where the temperature drops down to 0 or even 5 degrees, the solar panel stops working. This has been shown in snow countries like Canada where the electric cars won't work because the lithium batteries shut down in these lower temperatures. They are finding the same in UK where the electric buses won't work in very low temperatures so the buses get stored most of winter. 

So what is the answer.

  • The science tells us that if the efficiency is reduced but up to 25% because the solar panel gets too hot then we are doing something wrong. Now they have found that vertical mounted solar panels don't get hot, and if you get two solar panels back to back and mounted vertical and change the orientation instead of facing north, change to east west and still back to back the efficiency is as high as you can get for a longer period of time. And guess what, you can graze stock between the rows of vertical panels with no real issue so best of both worlds.

What have the experts not told the public about.

  • Simple, as with your house solar panels, they need cleaning every year. That is a huge cost that no one talks about. In fact it is not even in their calculations as the costings of solar farms. This cost is huge and special companies have been set up, paid by the government to do this work and no one talks about it. This is an ongoing cost every year for every solar panel..

Solar panel warranties are a lie.

  • Yep did you know that the Australian government experts have stated that they expect the solar panels to have a 25 year life so we are all good. Accept, I deal with solar panel manufacturers all the time, and the panels supplies to solar farms in Australia have a 10 year warranty then the efficiency starts to drop off every year. Maybe the glass and the frame will last 25 years, but the output definitely will not.  so another lie sorry.  Oh now I am getting upset...

have a great day everyone...regards Graeme

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