GateHouse double solar gate kit: 4.5 meters

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The GateHouse heavy duty double solar gate kit is the answer when looking for high quality electric driveway gates. The system has been tested over 48,000 cycles, so you know you're getting great durability. The kit contains all the instructions you need to self-install, and the hardware requires little ongoing maintenance. 


This gate kit includes safety features such as Auto-stop incase anything gets in the way of operation, and soft-start and slow-stop for added safety. 


The motor is a low 24V so can draw power from backup should mains fail. Should all power fail, there is a quick release key-operated system to get things moving. The copper worm gear ensures added durability and quiet operation. 


so many elements are adjustable, such as the opening/closing time interval, the motor running time, and the force of the gate leaves.