Why Can't I have WiFi Camera at my Gate

Why Can't I have WiFi Camera at my Gate

Why Can't I have WiFi Camera at my Gate..

Well you can, but there are conditions.  Lets go back. Where does the WiFi come from. It comes from the internet router /modem in your office or kitchen, so this device produces a WiFi signal so you can connect a wireless printer etc.  But it only transmits WiFi out a certain distance according to the quality of the router. As you probably know, you can't get good WiFi in every room in the house. If you have a router with stick antenna's standing up, the range can be better but usually the signal will not go much further than the outside walls of the house, so how are you ever going to get WiFi at your gate, some 30m away..

You can have a security camera connected to your WiFi because the camera can detect your WiFi, and that is usually why the camera is situated under the eaves of the house. Two reasons here. The camera needs power from somewhere ( usually an extension cord in the roof to plug into for power) and the WiFi is strong enough in that location that it can stay connected. 

Another important thing here. Audio signal does not need the same strength as Video. So if you have a weak WiFi signal under the eaves, you may have good audio so you can hear what is being said, but Video requires much more signal and 100% there all the time or the camera will log off and on, and off all the time. 

So if you would like a security camera at your gate say 10-30m away you are not going to get enough signal from the router in your house.  But how can you check yourself...Take your smart phone into your house and connect it to your WiFi. You will see a signal strength indicator on your phone, one for WiFi and one for the mobile network.  Watch the WiFi signal strength and you must have all the bars remember or the camera won't work.  walk toward your gate and see where the WiFi signal drops out of full strength. Now you can see why you won't have WiFi at your gate.. but there is a way..

You can buy a WiFi extender or repeater online. What this does is this. An extender will pick up your WiFi by fixing it under your eaves or somewhere where it can get power and full WiFi signal strength. then it amplifies that WiFi signal and transmits it further out, maybe 20-30m or more depending on what you pay. This is how you can get a WiFi signal to your gate.  

There are other ways though. We have a full gate camera/intercom system that has an LCD screen in your house and that connects to your WiFi router and this system has a built in repeater that will send the camera signal up to 1000m Line of sight, so less if things in the way, and a unit at your gate that has a camera, audio, keypad and good quality... So not it is possible to do it all in one package... have a look here  https://gatehousesecurity.com.au/products/wireless-video-intercom-with-house-monitor-up-to-1000m-range

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