Home Security Improvements Must-Have

Home Security Improvements Must-Have

Whether you have just moved into a new home or want to make a few upgrades, home security is always a top priority. Thanks to technology’s advancement, home security improvement by doing on our own have never been so easier. Here are some simple and effective home security improvements you can do during the weekend.

Installing a security camera does more than just record footage if intruders break-in. Visible security cameras are also a deterrent. Learn about the different types of security cameras; solar-powered or Wi-Fi connection, to find the best one for your home. Installing security cameras at any entry and exit point is an easy and important home security improvement.

Our security cameras are an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice features for the price. These cameras can be mounted indoors or out in less than an hour as you don’t need to worry about wiring for power.

One best to use for outside surveillance as well is the solar-powered cameras. Solar-powered security cameras use the high-grade solar panels to get power and don’t require electric sources or cablings for it to work. Power is stored in the built-in battery storage system so the camera can continue to operate during night hours.

Placement of the camera and solar should be in an ideal place where there is enough exposure to direct sunlight. Make a note on how the sun directs through space over the day, and check for possible obstructions like growing tree branches of the camera’s view to avoid poor performance.
During the night time or when there is not enough sunlight, solar-powered security cameras can still get power from the rechargeable batteries through the solar panel’s backup battery system.

Most outdoor solar powered security cameras are weatherproof, so need not to worry about them during the rainy season.

One of the most important parts of the camera installation process is making sure each camera is angled correctly and is within reach of your wi-fi connection so that you’ll receive real-time updates.

  • Home Automation

Home automation is the latest standard for home security systems. Equip your home with top-of-the-line security that integrates with voice assistants giving you hands-free, worry-free security. Standalone smart wireless security cameras are ideal for smaller homes or apartments and can be installed indoors or out. For larger properties, a Google Assistant compatible 4K DVR security system combines home automation benefits with best in class video resolution.

The best way to keep track of what’s happening right outside your door is through a video doorbell. These devices work like a peephole, doorbell, security camera, and walkie-talkie all in one. Not only can you see who’s at your front door, but you can often see when packages are delivered. With day and night vision you can know what’s happening at any hour. Best of all you can communicate with your visitors through two-way talking technology, so it can appear as if you’re home even if you’re not.

  • Maintenance & Technology Upgrade as Needed

If you already have a security system installed, periodic maintenance and technology upgrades are important. For outdoor security cameras, it’s a good idea to check for spider webs and clean the camera lenses to remove any dust and debris that’s built up. Check for bugs and other critters too. We recommend cleaning your outdoor security cameras once a year. Although outdoor security cameras are built to withstand weather such as rain, snow, or wind, after a big storm it’s worth checking nothing moved around. Additionally, if you live in an area where daylight savings are more significant it’s worth reassessing how your security cameras are angled to ensure there is no glare creating a blind spot.

  • Motion Sensors & Security Lights

Eliminating dark areas around your home is key to deterring potential intruders. Illuminating your yard exposes any convenient hiding places for burglars. There are a few different options when it comes to security lighting.

  • Build a good relationship with Neighbors

Another powerful home security improvement that benefits you and your neighborhood is creating a community security watch group. The larger your security network, the better. Make friends with your neighbors and you’ll each get an extra set of eyes to watch your homes. A collaborative and connected community can help keep everyone’s homes a little safer.

Regardless of your property size, the key is to choose the home security upgrades that add to your peace of mind and eliminate any blind spots. In our connected world look for a security system that gives you remote monitoring so you can have eyes on your property no matter where you are.

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