Can I open my electric gate and my garage door with my smartphone?

The answer is yes. It is easy to do now with android or iPhone app.
It is easy to install an app on your phone and you can use your smartphone as your gate or garage door remote. Without any internet connection or any Wi-Fi service, you can use your smartphone as garage door opener controller.

The system is called GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) i
A small GSM receiver is installed in your electric gate controller or your garage door controller, and with an app on your phone, you can open the gate or door from anywhere in the world at the push of a button.
So someone calls you on your mobile and says they are at your gate but no one is at home to open it….no problem, push the button on your phone and open it for them.

How much does it cost for the GSM service?

Absolutely nothing. The GSM Opener phone no is 0416 459 934. When called, it will reject the call ( with no cost to the caller ) and at the time of the call rejection, it sends a phone signal which then opens the gate. For the gate to operate, the number of the caller must be registered in the “address book” of the GSM Opener. If your phone number is not in the “address book” of the GSM opener the call is not accepted.

Each person requiring GSM access to the complex must be “recorded” in the address book of the GSM Opener.

So there you have it, that is the way of the future and you can still use your existing remotes or keypad.

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