5 things you don't know about gate remote controls

5 things you don't know about gate remote controls

Remote controls for automatic gates or also known as: transmitters, zappers, clickers, buzzers, keys or do-hickys, or thingies, we just prefer to call them remote controls..

One of the most common asked questions is, can I use any remote on my system?..Or what is the frequency of my remotes?  The answer is NO, In Australia,  gate kit systems use the same frequency which is 433.92Mhz. so when I get asked what is the frequency of the remotes for my gate system, there is the answer but almost all gate systems use the same frequency.  It is not the frequency that you are asking about, it is the manufacturers remote control code. Every manufacturer has there own code. Most manufacturers will not tell you their remote code because they want you to use their brand of remote, because there are many many cheap copies on the market and the reliability of a system is effected by a nasty remote control. so no they will not tell you or us which is probably the best thing.

What is Rolling Code or Hopping Code? yes a lot of modern remote control codes use a rolling code now, so the code changes every time you use it.  This started as a security feature for new cars so they would be harder to break into.

A rolling code is a highly secure digital coding system for remote controls to get around the problem of people using a digital scanner to record the signal sent by a remote control and then using this to gain access.  Rolling Code was primarily developed for remote control central locking systems for up market cars and has now been adapted for Automatic Gates and Garage Doors too. How it works is each time a remote control is used the digital code sent is different and the receiver uses a complex system to be able to confirm the code is correct. This system relies on high levels of encryption based on a number of factors including a manufacturers ID so without that ID or knowledge of the system used it is not possible to crack the code. so you can see why you need the correct remote, to get the right manufacturers ID..

Why is the range of my remote so low? another common question.

Most remotes have a range of about 30m but there are many factors that can effect that range.

If your gate motor isn't behind any metal fencing etc and you still only get a few metres range from your remote control this is most likely because the receiver in the gate motor is picking up interference from some other wireless device preventing it from receiving your remote control properly unless very close.  

This can happen with receivers that pick up a wide range of frequencies including frequencies that can interfere with it.  In technical terms these are called wide band receivers and are only used because they are cheaper and use less power so are common with solar powered gate motors.  You can try to add a good quality separate receiver to your mother board and clone your remotes to that receiver which may bypass the interference frequency. Or try using a tuned antenna on the motherboard to get a stronger signal and these antennas have a narrow selected 433mhz signal that can cut out outside interference. 

So always buy the correct remote for your gate system, or if you need many remotes, try using a smartphone GSM system like an app on all your phones, or a WiFi from your home modem or google home setup. They all work so ask what is best for you.  cheers Graeme


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