GateHouse 1300kg Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Motor

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This is the GateHouse Heavy Duty 1300kg AC slide motor.

This motor kit has many features such as: low noise, light weight, powerful starting torque, stability, reliability and is compact and stylish. The motor will still work for a short period of time using lower voltage. The control board has overload protection. When there is a power failure, the motor drive can be separated by the use of the clutch, by using the specified key the user has the ability to disconnect the clutch enabling the gate to be opened or closed manually. Using the optional infrared photocells the gate will automatically stop and re-open if an obstacle is sensed.


Totally integrated electrical mechanical system (excludes racks)

Manual release key in case of power supply failure 

All metal gears make it durable and long lasting

Gate auto stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered

Reliable magnetic  and spring limit optional

Auto close time can be adjusted from approximately 

Heavy duty working motor with copper motor (many supplier use allumium motor ), copper worm gear, 

1300KG loading weight.

220v, 380w, 1100n