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This is for the LK206-3g Magnetic tracker

The Gatehouse 3G GPS Tracker Magnetic Slim is wireless, portable and can track any vehicle or cargo up to 20 days on a single charge. Using its built-in heavy-duty magnet, you can mount the 3G GPS Tracker Magnetic Slim anywhere on your vehicle that is out of sight regardless of weather, dust, heat or the elements. Included is a FREE lifetime web subscription for web platform and app tracking which can help you track anything, anywhere in the world from your computer, Apple or Android device.

An integrated motion detection sensor and alert function lets you know when the device is moving and a G sensor can tell you how fast your vehicle is travelling. This makes this tracker perfect for parents of new drivers. From cars, trucks and boats, to cargo shipments, people and more, The Spy Store’s 3G GPS Tracker Magnetic Slim can track anything or anyone, wherever they are. This tracker also features a live tracking system, automatic geo fencing options, history-trace checking and a microphone.

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