Ahouse Double solar .. KIT . Up to 3 Meters /gate EM3+

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This is a genuine Ahouse with AHouse warranty, not a cheap copy

Solar electric automatic gate opener. Ideal automatic driveway gate or farm gate operator powered by the sun and with remote gate opener system – swing gate action.

The Ahouse Swing Electric Fence Gate Opener meets the highest standards in safety and quality.


· larger 20watt Solar panel

· Controller

· 2x remotes

·2 x Driving Method: Screw Driven Piston Type Stainless Steel arm

· 2 x 12v 7ah batteries


· Manual release

· Wiring for optional accessories

· Micro based control board

· Remote control setting

· Motor setting

· Patented system meets CE and IP66 standards for anti-crushing safety.

· Superior quality.

· Simple installation instructions with online video online.

· Optional special electric lock and solar panel

· Operating Voltage: DC 24V. not 12volt

· Driving Method: Screw Driven Piston Type Stainless Steel arm

· Operate the gate width from 0.8m to 5m per leaf

· Soft Start/Soft Stop

· Adjustable Speeds

· A Quick, Safe and Secure Manual Release

· Adjustable Inertia


· Driving Method:Screw Driven Piston Type

· Frame housing: Stainless Steel

· Operating Voltage: DC 24V

· Single-leaf Weight Capacity:100to 350 kg

· Single-leaf Length Capacity: 0.8to 5.0 meter cyclone mesh gate

· Opening Degree: 0 to 110 Degree

· 90 Degree Rotation time: 8 to 12 seconds

· Operating Temperature: -25C to +55C

Also Available, keypad, Warning light, Long Range remote, Gate lock

Please note, we are the agents for Ahouse gate and window opening systems,

We carry all the spare parts should you break something.

If you have any questions, please call me

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Driving Method: Screw Driven Piston Type
Operating Voltage: DC 24V

Operate the gate width from 0.8m to 3m per leaf

Ahouse Solar Powered Automatic Swing Gate Opener Kit:

*Stainless steel housing motor (1 or 2 depending on single or double gate)
*2 x remote controls
*1 x controller
*1 x solar panel ( with new 20watt solar panel not 11watts as before)
* 2 x 12v 7ah batteries
*Hardware to attach to post and gate.

Some Key Benefits of an EM3 Gate Automation System fitted on your gates

Fast operating speed on opening and closing-The fastest screw drive gate motor available

Stylish remotes with button protectors

Full open and pedestrian open functions

IP66 rated motors-built to withstand the harshest environments

Striking Stainless Steel look and feel

Full specification STGS inbuilt safety system that protects your motors, gates from mechanical stress

Inbuilt safety systems against crushing- will stop and reverse if obstruction detected

Silent and smooth operation

24vdc operating voltage reduces installation costs

Universal mounting brackets for easy installation

Can open gates inwards or outwards depending on your requirements

Quality durable construction to last the test of time

Backup battery compatible for when the power goes off

Mechanical arm disabling with special key so that no tools are required when and if you need to

Capable of connecting additional devices such as ground loops, keypads, safety beams, intercoms, locks etc

Built in electrical overload protectors and adjustable current limiting (Will not stress lighter gates such as aluminium gates)

12 Month manufacturers warranty