Gatehouse 101 Double Electric swing gate kit

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Are you sick and tired of getting out of your car once or twice a day just to open the stupid gate? 

Most people tell me, they hate it, your family hates it and even your kids hate it.... there is no need to have to put up with this any more, Times have changed, the cost has come down now so everybody can afford an electric gate. No more excuses..
This is our famous Gatehouse brand 101 kit for smaller size gates that some people have, around and up to the 2.5m size and 150kg weight. We sell more heavy duty models as well but this simple kit does everything that the big kits do, just for a more simple gate setup. No need to pay more if you don't need to.
They come with 2 remotes as standard, and we have lots of accessories available like keypads, locks, GSM (open with your phone), gate intercom etc
  • These kits are simple to install, easy DIY, 
  • Manual unlock system should the power go out,
  • All aluminium body and cast fittings, no rust
  • Up to 30 remotes, 2 included
  • All strong galvanised mounting brackets included
  • Metal pinion drive gear, not plastic
  • Soft start and slow stop function
  • Adjust open/close interval time
  • Auto stop if any obstacles detected
  • Adjustable gate force
  • Single or double gate operation
  • Easy installation and very low maintence